Gift Vouchers

   What could be better than a creative gift voucher!  We have vouchers for the amounts of £10.00, £20.00, £30.00 and £40.00. Our adorable vouchers are made in clay in the shape of hearts, cupcakes, gingerbread men, ice cream cones, etc.  Even a £10.00 voucher will cover a large selection of pottery.

  Vouchers can also be wrapped and hand delivered within a 5 mile radius of our shop for the extra cost of £5.50. Our vouchers do not have an end by date so you do not have to rush and use it in a hurry.


Have a potter in the family? We carry the PotApron. A split-leg apron for potters. Designed by potters for potters.

They feature clips. You can now attach any towel of your own choosing. PotAprons are stylish, comfortable and safe for use in the pottery.  Waterproof, durable, practical, convenient and safe. So easy to clean!