After hours, you can hire our beautiful studio for your exclusive use.  Give us a ring to discuss your specific requirements for meetings, corporate, book signing or any other type of event.  Please give us a ring 01303 248056.

   Prices without Pottery: Sitting or standing event.

   With Pottery, £24.50 pp without food and £29.95 pp with food.  Please see Parties & Special Occasions for all the details.

   Alternatively, you can come in on a Thursday evening and just pay for what you paint.  On Thursdays we are open till 10.0pm.  If you book over 30 seats, you may have exclusive use of the studio on this evening.  It is BYOB and you can also bring food and decorations and a deposit of £10 pp non-refundable, (painting or not painting) must be paid when booking.