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   Do I need to pay a non-refundable deposit?  Yes, the deposit required for parties is in each party page.  Deposit must be paid in person, via our website or by phone at moment of booking.

   Can parents of invited guests stay with the children?  Parties at Mudpie are “drop off” only, with a maximum of two adults, plus grandparents (no substitutes) only, staying with the children.  Of course, an extra parent or person can stay if a party guest needs them there for medical reasons and will not be charged. We must know this in advance.  You can book parents as part of the party package but they must paint and sit with the children. We must know they will attend at least two days prior to the party date. We are sorry but are quite strict with this.  It makes for a better party, as it concentrates on the children.

   Who collects? Party items must be picked up by the party host, not individually by each parent.  Foam Clay & Build a Teddy parties are a take on the day activities.

   For Party Plan 1, Clay option 1 or Build A Teddy Option 1, am I able to bring in food from McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, etc?  Yes you can!  It can be served only after all of the children finish painting and we clear the tables please, as this can affect the way the glaze adheres to the pottery.

   Can I add children last minute? Children added to the party last minute (brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, neighbours…etc)  must pay party plan price if they are painting or eating, the same as the other children booked.

   What kind of food do you serve?  Our party food is plentiful and receives many compliments from the children as well as the parents.  Not only in freshness, taste and quality but also the way we serve it shabby chic style, in beautiful dishes and dreamy cake stands.  

It consists of the following:

 Personalised invites will be sent by email, 2 weeks from the day the deposit is paid and they are free.