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My very own Pencil/brush Pot! £12.50. Wednesday, April 4. 10 am - 11.15 am. All ages!  

Come in and create from scratch an awesome pot out of a slab of clay and use various textures & decorating techniques.  Then we’re going to go crazy and splatter paint all over it.

Happy Flower! £12.50.  Thursday, April 12. 10 am - 11.15 am.  All ages!  

Come and create your very own little vase with a flower from scratch, you will  use various textures and decorating techniques. Decorate it how you want, using your own individual style, during this fun workshop.

Endless Summer!  £12.50. Wednesday, May 30. 9.45 am - 10.40 am. All ages!

Come and create from scratch your very own SURFBOARD, using various decorating techniques and make it super neat using spring molds.

Pottery Wheel for kids! Make a pot!  Special Price on weekdays. Tuesday to Friday (term time) after 1.00pm. Must be booked! If not booking on a weekday they price is the same as adults. See Pottery Wheel.

1 and 30 minutes, £25, for one child or teen and £20 each for two. Ages 7 - 16 only.

All courses include, tuition, clay, materials and tools.  Please call to book during our opening hours. 01303248056.